3 reasons why a full service team will take the stress out of your building project

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider adding a sun room or orangery to your home. At Inspired Spaces, we understand that taking on building projects can be stressful, particularly when they’re happening in your own home. However, using the right people can make all the difference, and a full service team can ease the pressure enormously. Here are three reasons why using a full service team like Inspired Spaces can take the stress out of building your perfect sun room or orangery:

A single, multidisciplinary team

Dealing with multiple contractors can sometimes be tricky. There’s logistics and scheduling to consider and what happens if there’s a disagreement between the different teams? At Inspired Spaces, we pride ourselves on our full service approach. No need to waste time sourcing a new company for each stage of your project – we’ll provide you with planners, 3D artists, builders and electricians, all under one roof!

Planning and permissions

Because we’re involved right from the initial planning stages, we’ll be able to highlight any potential need for planning permissions. We’ve built a wide range of orangeries and sun rooms in our time, so we recognise the importance of addressing procedures like this as early as possible. If you’d like, we can even save you time by taking our building plans through the required planning processes.

Continuity and communication

Acting as one team throughout your build gives us the advantage of continuous communication. From planning and scheduling to construction, the Inspired Spaces team work as one solid unit. We’ll also keep in regular contact with you, discussing plans, 3D renders and requesting sign off when needed. This allows you the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re all on the same page and that your original requests are still our first priority.

by Inspired Spaces