So, if you’re considering an extension on your house maybe for extra room, or to increase the price within the market for selling, there are a few things you need to know before you end up getting one! Below we have listed the top 5 rules to follow when purchasing an extension.

Know your Budget

This is one of the most important and fundamental thing you need to know. Ask yourself, “what is my budget?” and start from there. Sit down, grab a brew and go through what you’re willing to spend, and then what you can actually afford. Make sure you include extras such as architectural expenses, planning fees and the design you want. Once you’ve done that, give yourself a price and work with that, it helps in the long run as there’s no surprise expenses.

Know your Timetable

Make sure you plan in advance and double check when it is best for you and your family to have work done on the house. Don’t underestimate the impact it’ll have on your daily life, try to set a strict timetable to minimise any complications.

Planning Permission – Do I Need It?

For certain extensions and alterations on houses, you might need to get planning permission before you start any work. Check all the regulations and requirements beforehand and talk to your local planning officer for more information.

Understand the Duration

Extensions don’t happen overnight so don’t think yours will either. Life isn’t full of cheesy montage clips so 2 months won’t actually be 2 minutes. Consider what time of year you want it done, take into account different holidays and other occasions. It’ll take as long as it needs to so make sure you plan ahead.

Research different Builders

Make sure you research different builders in our area and take into consideration people’s reviews. Word of mouth is the best indicator of a good tradesman or business so take a look at their previous work before hiring them.

by Inspired Spaces