If you are deciding on a new home extension, and using a lot of glass and natural light is something you want to opt for, an orangery or a sun room could be ideal. But what are the main differences between these two types of home extension? And which would be the perfect for for your home? Well, here at Inspired Spaces, we are Manchester’s leading conservatory, sun room and orangery experts. We install a range of high quality, professional sun room options. And this is our guide to everything you should know to make the right home extension choice for your property.

What are the considerations when deciding on an orangery or a sunroom?

So, to make sure you make the right choice between a sunroom and an orangery, there are several key points to consider. These include:

  • The amount of space
  • The amount of glass
  • The purpose of the space

The amount of space

This point can be divided into two: the amount of outdoor space available, and the amount of space you require for your new extension.

Typically, sun rooms tend to be smaller than orangeries because they use more natural glass, as opposed to brickwork. And they are also created with just one or two walls of brickwork, rather than the orangery that uses three. This means that if your outdoor space is small, you might want to choose a sunroom instead of an orangery. You will still be able to use the space all year round, and for a range of purposes, but it will generally have a smaller floor plan, and wont restrict your garden space as much.

The amount of space needed to create the room you need should also be considered. Whether you want to create a living room, new kitchen or even a bedroom, you will need to plan the layout and design. For larger rooms, or even a large multi-functional, open plan space, you might be better suited to an orangery.

The amount of glass

While orangeries and sun rooms can often be fairly comparable in size, with orangeries generally larger, a sun room will always use more glass. This is because they use glass walls and a full glass roof, to create a stunning and attractive home feature. For this to be practical as well as visually appealing, you should consider thermally efficient glass, which is what we provide here at Inspired Builds. This will allow your sunroom to be usable all year round, without overheating or becoming too cold in any weather conditions.

The purpose of the space

Choosing between a sun room and an orangery also depends on what you want to use your new home extension for. With sun rooms making use of more glass, they naturally offer much more light and brightness. This may mean that for a bedroom, or a more private room, an orangery can be a better option, with just the one wall of glass.

For more information or for professional advice about your new sun room or orangery get in touch with the team today, here at Inspired Spaces.

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