A sunroom can provide an increased flexibility when it comes to design, as well as adding the WOW factor to your property. But what do you need to consider when creating a sun room to meet your requirements? And how could a sun room benefit your property? Well, here at Inspired Spaces, we are Manchester’s leading conservatory, sun room and orangery experts. We install a range of high quality, professional sun room options. And this is our guide to everything you should know to make the most out of your new sun room.

What are the different build options for sunrooms?

A sunroom is a type of home extension that is made using up to three glass walls to create a new room attached to your property. There are two different types of sun room to choose from, including:

  • The dual pitch sun room- this is a type of sun room made using three glass sides, which are fitted directly onto the house wall, as well as a glass roof. This creates a room with four sources of natural light.
  • The mono pitch sun room- this is a type of sun room where only one wall of glass is used to create the space. Also known as the lean to style of sun room, this can be made with one wall of glass between two solid walls, or simply against a single wall.

Important factors for creating a sun room to meet your requirements

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding between a mono or dual pitch sunroom, and these can determine whether or not your sunroom will meet your requirements. These factors include:

  • The purpose of the room- if you have a specific purpose for the sun room in mind, before installation, you can make key decisions and alterations to be sure that there will be enough space, and a good, usable layout, for you to get what you need from this home extension. Popular uses include living areas, dining areas, entertainment spaces and home offices.
  • Frequency of use- alongside the purpose of the room, you should also consider how frequently you want this to be in use, as this should help you decide on important factors before installation. For example, a sun room that will be used all year round will need to be more thermally efficient than a seasonal or warm weather space.
  • Type of doors- another important factor to consider is the type of doors you want to install. Bi-Fold doors can be used as a whole wall of glass, and provide the added advantage of being able to open all the way out, to really bring the outside in, especially while entertaining. It also makes it much easier to bring summer furniture in and out! However, french and patio doors can be used successfully as well.

For more information or for professional advice about your new sun room get in touch with the team today, here at Inspired Spaces.

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