Curved glass can help you customise your space

When designing a space, whether it be for business purposes, personal purposes, or for a creative space, curved elements made from curved glass can be a fantastic addition. They can help add a feeling of openness and create new kinds of shapes and spaces which can feel more natural and organic for the people in your space. The use of curved glass can be an exciting and novel way to impart these feelings of nature, openness, and creativity from both the inside and outside, for both the people using your space on a daily basis and those who visit and are impressed by the exciting and original design!

These special panes of glass are constructed using kiln basins, where water jets are used to create metal templates or moulds of the required radius of curvature, which are then used to shape the glass into the curvature desired. Using a very rapidly applied source of high heat, panes of glass (which are initially flat) are heated up to 1,000 degrees over these moulds, which causes it to reform into the shape of the curve determined by the metal mold. This rapid shaping process is very safe and produces perfect results every time, thanks to the unique and novel means of production.

There are three main types of curved glass, each made in a slightly different way and suitable for use in different circumstances:

Annealed glass is traditional curved glass that can be laminated to give it some impact resistance. The glass can then be toughened, which makes it even more resistant to impact.

Toughened structural glass

Toughened glass panes can be toughened even further! By bringing them together and laminating them, they become even tougher and safer for overhead uses or other places where safety is especially critical. Using a special heat soaking treatment on these toughened panels will additionally improve their resistance against Nicked Sulphide Inclusion, which can be a risk in the workplace or the home.

To increase toughness even further for use outdoors, it is possible to make extra thick panels by combining laminated or toughened panels. There are also a number of coatings that can be applied to give the panels different properties.

A number of different shapes of curved glass can be produced, from cylinders to concave and convex lens-shaped sheets of glass. These can be used in different and creative ways to give spaces exciting and beautiful effects on the eye. And with complex safety mechanisms, you know they will be safe to be around, too.