Here at Inspired Spaces, we are Manchester’s leading conservatory, sun room and orangery experts. We install a range of high quality, professional orangery options. This includes creating stunning orangeries designed to be used as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. And this is our guide to everything you should know about designing an orangery lounge.

What are the important considerations for designing an orangery lounge?

There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind when designing an orangery to be used as a lounge. These considerations include:

  • Planning the layout
  • Lighting control
  • Heating

Planning the layout for an orangery lounge

The layout is an important consideration when creating a lounge area in a new orangery space. The layout can determine the flow of the room, as well as the practicality of the space. During the orangery design process here at Inspired Spaces we will provide 3D plans and designs that will allow you to really visualise how the space will be used and help make the right layout choices.

Lighting control for orangery lounge spaces

Understanding the lighting in your new orangery will help the space be as practical as possible. Orangeries are designed to fill the space with natural light, and the glass panels are one of the most appealing features of orangery design. Plenty of natural light can help reduce your energy bills, and regulate your sleeping pattern, along with bringing a range of other health benefits. However in a lounge space, this can cause glare, which can be uncomfortable and impractical. As a result, you will need to consider how to control and reduce the natural light within the space, with layout choices and blind options.

Heating an orangery lounge space

While all of the orangeries we install here at Inspired Spaces are very energy efficient, with a triple glazing system, cozy and warm winter evenings will still require some form of heating. Underfloor heating can be a great option for your orangery lounge, but if you would like something more traditional, this will need to be factored into the design process, for the best possible results.

For more information or for a professional orangery installation designed to meet any requirements of specifications you might have, get in touch with the team today, here at Inspired Spaces.

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