Why Aluminium and not other materials?

This is simply due to the strength of the aluminium which makes it durable enough for making roofs. It allows for slim lines and more glass coverage which means that large areas can be covered. A strong roof means more protection and a longer life span. They’re easy to clean so little maintance is involved.

Can you have any colour?

Nearly almost any colour. The colour palette has many to choose from – over a hundred so you’re spoilt for choice. You can even mix up the colours and have different one inside than outside.

How long will it take?

We are always full of stock and ready to help so we will be able to fit it as soon as possible. These things take time but it is usually no longer than a few weeks at the most – we aim to work around you to minimise as much stress as possible.

What is the biggest size roof lantern you do?

This all depends on what type of property you have, and how big it is. We would need to take into consideration what kind of rafters to use, whether they be light/heavy duty or reinforced. We will go through this process with you so you’re not left in the dark.

How does the process work?

First of all, we would need to prepare the roof, it would need to be fully felted, complete with all the joists and steels in place. Next we place the projection cill in the opening to make sure it’s secure. Then, the upstands are fitted to the cill to maximise security. The roof lantern would then be prepared on the ground ready to be lifted and fitted on top of your roof. It is then positioned and secured. Last but not least, we glaze the roof lantern, cap it and clean up!

by Inspired Spaces