Every parent has been there: wandering from room to room and tripping over dolls, noisy button-heavy toys, cars, or worse, standing on one of those little plastic Lego bricks and letting out a real howl of pain. Children come with lots of things and those things do tend to spread across your entire house and take up enormous amounts of space.

A lot of parents dream of having a children’s playroom, a space where the toys “live” and their children can play happily and safely in their own little worlds. If your family home is resembling a nursery, an orangery or sunroom may be an excellent solution to your space problems.

Whilst conservatories are very good in creating additional space in your home, orangeries and sunrooms offer extras that conservatories simply do not. These are essential if you are thinking of using the space for your children to play in.

One of these benefits is that the walls of orangeries and sunrooms are solid with cavities for insulation, which means that they retain the heat from the day and are perfect for all-year-round use. In contrast, conservatories tend to be cool towards the end of the day and can be very cold over the winter months – not ideal for children to play in.

Inspired Spaces can make the whole process of choosing your orangery or sunroom much less daunting and apply their expertise and creativity to every project with added love and attention.

The great thing about choosing to work with us is that we offer an entire package, starting with an initial consultation with you about what you need the space for, giving you the opportunity to really create a children’s playroom that works for the whole family. We can install extras (such as electric sockets out of reach of tiny hands), add heating, plaster to create a blank canvas for decoration, and add beautifully engineered doors (such as our bi-fold or French doors) – whatever works for your family.

Entirely bespoke and entirely beneficial for family harmony, an orangery or sunroom is a real investment piece that can add so much more to your home than you can imagine.

by Inspired Spaces