The answer to that is of course not, but an orangery could well bring you a whole host of other benefits. You will find plenty of literature online about how orangeries are the new black, but other than being incredibly trendy, how else can you benefit from an orangery?

Since their recent rise in popularity, homeowners have been realising the benefits that are no longer only exclusive to the rich and famous but are now a viable choice for almost all property owners looking to expand their homes.

Having extra space in your house is nice but it is what you can do with that space that counts. After all, conservatories can give you the extra space you need, so why an orangery?

The main difference is that an orangery tends to be a more solid and fixed part of the house and not just an addition to your garden, as conservatories can sometimes feel. Where conservatories are traditionally internal spaces for viewing the world outside, orangeries can be anything you need or want them to be. As an extra space, they offer the potential for a stunning addition to your property, easily becoming anything from a gardening, dining, family, work or reflective space. Inspired Spaces can help you design and construct the perfect orangery to make your dream home your reality.

Delegating the job of building your orangery to us is more achievable and affordable than you might have first thought. Not only adding potential value to your house, we can also help you to make it more appealing to buyers too, something that is on a par with adding value, given the competitive property market.

Creating an orangery that can set your property apart from others, without costing you the earth, is what we specialise in. We can take responsibility for the entire process; handling everything from your vision to your reality, we even take care of the paperwork for planning applications. If adding value, decadence and space to your home is something you’re considering, then benefiting from our expertise and services will help you achieve this.

by Inspired Spaces