The orangery is the most popular structure to extend your home. It offers a footprint to your property which will add more value than a conservatory alone.

It is also the most flexible in terms of adding extra space.

You can choose how much glass you want in the wall areas and the roof area.
You can also select to build the finish to blend in with the existing house visually or make it a contemporary standalone structure, it’s so flexible.

It can be a mixture of large panoramic windows, normally full length from floor to ceiling giving the feel of actually being in the garden. Mix this with our very popular bi-fold doors, which can open up the whole of one or more walls of the orangery and you really do feel that the outdoors is now part of the house.

All glass structures are finished in thermally broken powder coated aluminium, which never ever needs painting. The glass itself is the very latest hi tech range, normally 6mm toughened outer glass, 16mm of argon gas in the centre and a further 6mm low E toughened glass to the inner, giving an overall thickness of 28mm

The orangery is the most popular and flexible extension to your home.