For those with the space, the orangery looks set to take over from the conservatory as the ‘must have’ extension this year. At Inspired Spaces we have tracked a large increase in enquiries relating to orangeries over the past two years or so, but why are they becoming so popular?

Firstly, what is an orangery?

Taking inspiration from the 17th century feature of a stately home – a glass roofed room where citrus trees would be kept in tubs during inhospitable seasons – the orangery takes the plus points of a conservatory, and adds some of its own. The pyramid shaped glass roof or ‘glazed lantern’ as it is known, provides the orangery with a fantastic amount of light. Although only partially glazed compared to a conservatory, the orangery is typically bigger than a conservatory, while also being an extension that steals little light from adjacent rooms.

Durable and versatile

Due to their more sturdy foundations, an orangery can survive adverse weather conditions more easily than a conservatory. It can also be used for a number of different functions that you would normally associate with a living room, or act as a dining room if you so choose.

Make the most of the British summer

The orangery comes into its own during spring and summer, when you can take advantage of the kind weather that Britain saves for these times of year. Sunlight, fresh air, and a permanent vista into the outside world can make it the best room in the house during these months.

Consult the experts

Adding an orangery to a property is a serious project which requires careful planning and consideration of a number of factors. At Inspired Spaces, we are always on hand for a no obligation chat, so if you would like some friendly advice on whether a orangery would be viable in your property, call us today.

by Inspired Spaces