Initial Design Consultation

We will discuss the type of design/building and visual effect you are interested in.

Make sure that the extra space we are going to create will fully satisfy your needs

Discuss budgets and relative costs involved in the new project.


On our second visit we will have produced 3D visuals, enabling you to actually see what the new design will look like in your home. These will include demonstration room layouts i.e. kitchen or soft furnishings or both. It’s essential that the new building actually works for you.

Going Forward

We will complete a full survey of the property and produce planning drawings for your approval.

We will, where required, take it through the required planning process.

Getting Started

Once we have the required planning approval we will produce final working drawings and discuss final details of colours etc.

Building Work

Inspired Spaces handles all aspects of your new project

Working with a building regulation and structural engineering company we will begin building work – foundations and surface structures as required, whilst also preparing the powder coated aluminium materials for the doors, windows and roof that will be required.

Once the structure is complete we will finish all internal plaster work, electrics, heating and flooring that is required by yourselves.