Are you considering investing in an orangery? You may be wondering whether it’s better to have it built as an extension of your existing property that’s physically connected to your house or as a separate, stand-alone structure. Here at Inspired Spaces, we can offer orangeries in either style! To help you come to a decision, we’d like to discuss some of the advantages, disadvantages and unique attributes of the two main types of orangery.

Firstly, let us consider connected orangeries. The most obvious advantage of having your orangery connected to your house is that it’s very easily accessible; you don’t even have to leave the house to go into it! This attribute may appeal to you if you plan on using your orangery during the winter months, or if you plan on spending time in it late at night and don’t want to trek back through your garden to reach the house. It also makes a connected orangery an ideal family area, as it’s easy to get everyone in the same space.

Connected orangeries are also easier to keep warm than their stand-alone counterparts. Because masonry walls retain heat well, an orangery that’s attached to one of the walls of your home will remain at a constant temperature, even at night and during short cold periods.

However, connected orangeries do have their disadvantages. Because they are attached to the house, you can still hear any noisy activity going on in the rest of the property; if you have a lively family or live with friends, you’re unlikely to enjoy much peace and quiet in a connected orangery!

In contrast, a stand-alone orangery is completely separate from your house, so it is the perfect structure for quiet relaxation and contemplative privacy. If you need a space where you can unplug yourself from the stresses of life, we heartily recommend a stand-alone orangery.

Because a stand-alone orangery can be situated in the middle of your garden, the structure can also give you the feeling of being outdoors while simultaneously keeping you warm and sheltered. In other words, it allows you to enjoy your garden regardless of what the weather is like outside. Of course, it’s not as easy to keep heated as a connected orangery during the coldest parts of the year, and the walk back to your main property can be a bit chilly. However, if you’re not planning on using the orangery too much in the middle of winter or late at night, this shouldn’t be a major issue.

Whether you opt for a connected orangery or a stand-alone structure will depend on how you plan to use the space. Regardless of your intentions, however, we can guarantee one thing: we can build the orangery that’s right for you.

by Inspired Spaces