Let’s be honest, we love the idea of being outdoors, but too often the Great British weather lets us down. Long, endless stretches of bleak grey skies aren’t generally thought of as inspiring, but the truth is even more depressing – most of us hardly see our gardens or outside space between October and April. And as for those days everyone claims to love – those crisp, bright, cold days – well, they’re just too cold, aren’t they? Even autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness can be cruel, often arriving with a cold, muddy blast. Couple all of that with the clocks going back and it can feel a bit like we’re trapped inside for half a year at a time. However, a well-designed orangery or sun lounge can help you escape even the worst grips of the bleaker months.

Autumn beauty

One of the charms of an orangery is the way that it can connect the indoors with the outdoors. A well-designed space can combine the enchantments and attractions of both in a single space that can be enjoyed all year round. Of course in summer you need only throw the doors open to enjoy the gentle breezes and smells of the flowers to get a real feeling of bringing the outside in. Autumn can be just as pleasant, with the scents of bonfires and misty mornings, and a good orangery will be able to be heated and cooled appropriately for you to remain connected to your outside space. What could be nicer than enjoying a relaxing Sunday lunch at your dining table, while looking out at the pretty autumn colours in the garden?

Winter sun

A well positioned sun lounge is a real treat in the colder months; to curl up with a good book and bask in the winter sun is one of life’s simple pleasures. And when we do get one of those stunning winter days, you can appreciate its beauty in comfort, without feeling cut off from the beauty of the seasons. With an orangery or sun lounge you can enjoy a hot chocolate or cup of tea in the warm while admiring the pretty frosts or swirling snowflakes through your beautiful windows!

by Inspired Spaces