When planning alterations to your home, it’s easy to get lost in the romance, for want of a better word, of the moment. Whilst the practical part of you might think of a dining space, another sitting or family room, or even a play room for the children, there’s a bohemian in there shouting for a creative space.

Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a crafter or a sewer, an orangery is the ideal space for your creative process, for many reasons. When you give a certain hobby or activity a dedicated space, you show how committed you are to it. It doesn’t matter what your hobby might be, having a room where you can put your equipment, apparatus and tools in order and a space which is set aside for just you and your creativity is the perfect way to achieve spectacular results.

Sometimes, all you need to achieve what you want is a little peace and quiet. Following on from having a dedicated room or space for your creativity, it can also be extremely beneficial to have a little hush as you work. You don’t have to banish everyone from the orangery but you’re sure to get far better results if you’re not trying to work in the normal hubbub of the main house.

One of the many reasons orangeries are universally beloved is that they give access to the outdoors and beautiful scenery. Whether you choose a design with floor to ceiling glass or a model with sturdier brickwork, you’re giving yourself a 360⁰ panoramic view of the exterior of your home. Your stunning view might be a beloved garden or a country field, but who among us doesn’t feel slightly more inspired by the beauty of nature?

by Inspired Spaces